Star Academy End of Year Concerts

Star Academy End of Year Concerts

As a treat to Parents (and for my Students) the year long work builds up and culminates in our Star Academy End-of-Year Concert.

This entails performing dance routines, individual acting, drama and musical theatre pieces with all the kids.

We utilise all the proper elements that would be required for any live shows – purpose-built facilities, live microphones, lighting, costume changes  the whole works.

It’s chance for Students to get a glimpse and a taster of what life is like in the entertainment  business.

Initially there is apprehension, anxiety, a struggle to learn and memorise lines, dance moves etc and stage cues etc. However after all that is said and done – the show goes in true brilliant fashion and all Students (& my Team) pull it off in a very enjoyable and professional manner!

We look forward to 2017.